luni, 12 septembrie 2011

Friends sector

Like an icon said: 
                "They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, 
                                                                        but friendships never goes out of style."

I have 2 girlfriends that make my life wonderful...They are my "persons": Mrs. Fierce and Mrs. Easy D, we known each other for a long time, been through a lot together: 
  • the bad, 
  • the good, 
  • the ugly, 
  • the beautiful, 
  • the hard, 
  • the easy, 
  • the depressive, 
  • the happy.
 Fierce is the confident and powerful kick ass girl and Easy D is the superficial cheerful\tough\pain in my arse\break your neck\happy face girl ...

Tonight I got together with Easy D to catch up on things. She told me how her day at work was and what happened when she had an encounter in the hallway with a colleague with whom she slept a few nights ago!!! Well the story starts a few weeks ago when he started to make some compliments...and gave an invite to his apartment...Yeah the dude knew what he wanted! Of course he was interesting and of course that at first my girl said "no" ... but as I told you earlier they eventually had sex. And my poor girl expected to be know the rule that says a good kisser is good in bed, well you can flush that down the pipe, 'cause it's shit!!! It was OK, just "OK" it's part of those experiences that you don't what to have again. And of course now the vibe between them is awkward and he feels weird and she doesn't know what to tell him 'cause she doesn't wanna see him suffer or feel hurt...Yeah big crappy drama !!! These kind of things happen every time to all of us...and as we try to make things better there are those times when it gets worse...

That's karma, I suppose ... 

Still can't wait to see what will happen next.


duminică, 11 septembrie 2011

Chapters of my Life

Well here we go, rolling the dice here! 
This is going to be my top story on my blog : 
  • my scandalous, 
  • dirty, 
  • dumb, 
  • easy, 
  • hard, 
  • pretty, 
  • nasty, 
  • stupid, 
  • glamorous, 
  • pink, 
  • gray, 
  • painful and pleasing LIFE 
Chapter one:

You know when you are little everything is easy as a feather, from getting away with a lie to manipulating your parents into letting you go to camp. Your only responsibility is not getting a bad grade in school 'cause then you're in trouble and you'll get headaches from your parents...well all that changes when you get bigger and you start realizing that another sex exists: MALE; L'HOMME; HOMBRE (and girls, I know dad is a man to, but that doesn't count)!!! Oh yes,'s a shocking discovery, when you find yourself secretly blushing for a boy! And not just "a" boy  ...  "the" boy every girl in school seems to like!!! From that point on your life will become complicated by the twisted and magical part we all call "being swept off our feet in love"...then after we grow some it will be called "mind blowing brilliant sex" and as we enter the next period of our lives, it will grow into becoming "the soul-mate searching"...

In my childhood I was a real tomboy, playing with the boys, getting into fights, playing football, wrestling, scratching my nose :))) things like that...NOT in anyway interested in boys in a romantic way...

I fell in love for the first time in my teen years. I was obsessing over a mysterious, gorgeous man who worked for a firm that had the office in my building . He was older then me, like 13 years older... I got to spend some awesome time with him, he was tutoring me...And he was a great teacher. I've went over hills for him...I knew he was a lot older then me but my heart didn't agree...It was young love and I was flying!!! One afternoon I went in his office for my tutoring class and at the end of the session he looked at me with his gorgeous green eyes and he wrapped his hand around my back and pecked me then hugged me !!!!!! O>M>G my heart was going like the road runner!!!!!!! It was my first big, important, desired, mouth watering kiss! After that kiss he realized that I was just a kid and he apologized for the behavior...In my head everything was just peaches. After that day he stayed to work for the office another month and a half then he moved and I never heard of him since last month...He contacted me, asking me how I was and if I can remember him...It was a lovely surprise, we talked about the past and the present...I can't lie, it was a little awkward! He wanted to meet but until this day we didn't really find the time...I wonder how he looks like now...I know that he is married (I don't date married man, not that kind of girl) and he has his own firm and he travels a lot...Maybe we'll get together sometime, don't know...But I promise to tell if we'll meet...

End of part one... 



Hey there and welcome to my blog, your only source into my scandalous life. 

Who am I, well that's a secret I'll never tell, but still you'll get to know me.