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3rd serious relationship

 Chapter six:
 "Can we make a mistake and miss our fate?"

This question was on my mind for a long time during my going wild period. Six months passed me by and I was living by the moment, grabbing everything life was putting in front of me. I found myself in a moment when I no longer believed I could have another serious relationship after the Steamy and Big chapters, but life proved me wrong one more time. 
It was early February and I was enjoying a nice game of rummy in front of my computer, in the comfort and  warmth of my room, when I received a private message from a cute guy that was interested in knowing me. In that moment something passed through my mind, I don't know why but I was thinking of my two serious relationships, with Steamy and Big, and I realized that we first met on the internet. I laughed a bit, it was quite ironic, 'cause I didn't even know the guy and that thought went through my mind. I got to talk with him on the private chat and he kept my interest. After we exchanged ID's and numbers, some nights and days passed us by as we were talking a lot. I admit the dude was intriguing! One night he called and said that he had a break in his work schedule and if I want to meet up. I remember calling Easy D and asking her what the hell should I do, and she said: "Go, just go, you need it, enjoy, but stay safe, and if you get the feeling you don't want to get in the car, or stay with him, just call me!". I called him back and said "OK, let's meet." He was in front of my place in no time and we stayed in his car for two hours and just talked...He looked darn good, and he was a pretty clever guy...I enjoyed myself and he thanked me for staying with him on his break and asked me if he will have the honor of seeing me again soon...
The next day I talked with Easy D, she was asking a lot of questions about him...I told her he was a pretty good looking guy, clever but extremely cocky and arrogant at times...and that his cockiness intrigued me. 
After that first date came a few others and we got to know each other better and he got the courage to ask me to spend the night at his place. He stayed in the other corner of the city, and I can still remember the night he came to get me...We spend a great night together, we talked, we listened to music, drank red wine at the candle light...it was truly incredible...he wrapped his arms around me and we just sat there, all night talking and laughing, sharing views, interests and hopes...I didn't knew I could have such a wonderful time...When I close my eyes I can still build the image of his apartment...and of the kiss he gave me on my forehead. 
That's how our relationship began..and because he gave me that cocky and arrogant impression the first time we met, I named him Mr. Cocky...


Mr. Cocky and I stayed together for one year and a half...we had something great...but at a point it just started to fall apart slowly. After things ended he said to me that for him things were dead after just six months, and I couldn't understand why didn't he break things off, or say something...'cause for me things ended when they literally ended...I hoped and wished we could recover after some fall downs but it seemed he just gave up or something...But now it doesn't matter anymore, I'm thankful for the time spend together, with all that happened between us and I learned so many things from my experience with him...
Now he is just a chapter of my life.

What I lived with him at the end of our relationship now looks like a bad joke from life but then it was heartbreaking, I never felt that alone and awful in my life! But that's how things work in this universe, you brake down and live some unbelievably bad things and after that you recover, learn and just go on...

After some time passed since our break-up I found my way back into the arms of Mr. Horny...like we always found our way back to each other...

"Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate."
End of part six 


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